Ball Machine Membership

Ball Machine - 2023 Season - Rules of Use

For just $30/season, any OMTC adult member may obtain a ball machine membership.  You can reserve the ball machine for a maximum of 1 hour/day. Repetition is the best form of practice which makes the ball machine your best hitting partner. Practice all your shots by controlling the speed, spin, feed and elevation by remote control.

Youth members may only use the ball machine under adult supervision.

Non-members may not use the ball machine unless accompanied by an OMTC tennis coach.

Once you have paid your current membership check our Events/Events Calendar for a ball machine tutorial. 

Alternatively, contact one of our board members who will provide you with a tutorial on the use of the ball machine.

  • The ball machine can only be used on Court 1 since it requires electrical power
  • Please make your reservation on the website on Court 1 by indicating Ball Machine   
  • Select Reservation Type – Bringing in a Guest, Guest’s Name – Ball Machine                
  • As a courtesy to other members they will be aware that both Court 1 and the ball machine are in use
  • Maximum use 1 hour/day
  • Divider net must be drawn to prevent disruption to Court 2 and for the safety of all using the courts
  • Members must use caution while using the machine
  • Members shall report any malfunctions or accidents associated with the ball machine to the OMTC Executive
  • The ball machine shall not be used if it rains or if the courts are wet
  • Only use the balls that are in the machine and do not add any additional balls to the bucket
  • At completion of your reservation pick up all balls and place back in the machine, unplug, return remote and extension cord back in the shed prior to your departure
  • Most of all have fun, play safe and be courteous of the time and other members